Corporate Philosophy

From BNCT TM a clinical research on cancer research and treatment has been established. However, it will be effective in all of the cancer treatment, but not now. A new approach of treatment of research and development is being carried out to the world.

The environment is surrounded by cancer; under the company a lot of patients with cancer than in the "better" cancer treatment of cancer cells to ultra-selective destruction on normal cells, without harm."How to Provide” the plan was established.

Currently, as a treatment for cancer is attractive and proton and Heavy Ion Radiation therapy with a range of issues and also adapt equipment is extremely expensive, and up space, as it requires the deployment of the medical institutions and the prevention is popular and have problems in the recognition.

We have a new radiation therapy called BNCT. Boron Neutron Capture. The BNCT radiation therapy is a completely different concept and treatment for patients with cancer, as well as environmentally friendly BNCT how to treat with principles of the neutron exposure and once the treatment is completed. The particle beam therapy and radiation therapy are different from that in principle, and more than once of exposure to patients with cancer no need for a physical and mental burden.

This BNCT is the next generation of cancer treatment, and as well as through the development of drug delivery system of infinite potential, and as soon as possible to provide more of the BNCT dissemination activities will continue in good faith will continue to make an effort and important notices.

The 19th Japan Society for brain surgery, Keio University School of Medicine, Department of Neurosurgery Department of Surgery, School of Medicine, Keio University Session Sponsored by: 2014 April 26 - September 12, 13 and 13, Venue: Tokyo Dome Hotel Chairman: Professor of Yoshida (DR.YOSHIDA) Keio University School of Medicine Department of Neurosurgery, Professor sponsorship, exhibition companies.

* Therefore cell selection, medical treatment of "BNCT" is very friendly to normal cells and cancer treatment. BNCT implementation experience

BNCT implementation experience

In the US, a social welfare corporation at raw,  Jinseisya Edogawa Hospital (EDOGAWA) and we recommended "Hospital-BNCT" small accelerators for the adoption of comprehensive contract to "November 2011." I would like to conclude, not just on the sales of equipment prior to deployment (the consideration stage BNCT accelerators from preparing for and necessary facilities for clinical trials, we will all help you.


Our Parent Company, Ltd., the Horizon Medical Systems, Social Welfare Corporation, an Edogawa Hospital and our recommended "Hospital-BNCT" small accelerators for the adoption of comprehensive contract, I would like to conclude, not just in the sale of the equipment before the deployment from the consideration stage Accelerator-BNCT and necessary equipment is ready for clinical trials, and for your support

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Rerise Medical Systems Co., Ltd. was established in November 2011 with the goal of eradicating cancer through the spread and popularization of BNCT. We strive to make advances in creating an environment where patients from around the world can have access to treatment with BNCT in Japan.

  1. Achieve the eradication of cancer through the spread and popularization of BNCT
  2. Popularize treatment with BNCT as a treatment for cancer in Japan
  3. Aim to make Japan a global leader in cancer treatment
Taking this philosophy to heart, we will dedicate ourselves to our work each day.

Company Overview

Company Name Rerise Medical Systems Co., Ltd.
Address Rerise Medical Systems Co., Ltd.
Hanawa bldg. 602, 1-17-11 Otowa, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo 112-0013
Tel. +81-3-5977-3131/Fax. +81-3-5977-3132
Affiliated Companies

◇BNCT International (THAILAND) Co.,Ltd ※1

2/17-2/19 Terminal Bidg, 2th Floor Soi Sukhumvit 24. Sukhumvit Rd.,

Klongton Klongtoey Bangkok 10110 Thailand

Phone:02-261-9220  Fax:02-261-9921

◇BNCT biomedical Inc

Date Established November , 2011
Capital 9 million yen (capital increase scheduled)
Board Members President: Nagatoshi Kadode
Managing Director: Kazuya Orikasa
Auditor: Masaru Kadode
Judicial affairs Meritopartners Lawfirm
Business Qualifications Specially Controlled Medical Device Sales Authorization
Permit No. 4501051100047
Business Activities Contract manufacturing and sales of medical devices
and related products in Japan and overseas
Contract manufacturing and sales of BNCT
(boron-neutron capture therapy) accelerators
Boron drug consulting for BNCT
Dispatch BNCT operating technicians
Maintenance of BNCT devices
BNCT medical tourism to Nakajima
FBPA-PET system sales
Annual Sales 1.5 billion yen (predicted performance for fiscal 2012)
Correspondent Banks Mizuho Bank Nishi-Kawaguchi Branch, Mizuho Bank Edogawabashi Branch
Main Customers

Keio University School of Medicine Department of Neurosurgery

Jinseisya Edogawa Hospital

Independent administrative institutions and private hospitals, university hospitals, etc.


Tokyo Metro Yurakucho Line Gokokuji station 2 minutes walk from Exit 5

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