Adopted By: Edogawa Hospital of BNCT No1

BNCT is a new technology that makes what was hitherto impossible possible, irradiating only cancer cells with strong radiation (baryons) and having virtually no effect on normal tissues.

Before irradiating cells with radiation, the gathering of target molecules is confirmed for the cancer cells, which is also a new method. BNCT is a treatment that synthesizes molecule imaging that visualizes specific molecules and cells with particle radiation treatment that is highly effective against cancer. Its effectiveness has already been demonstrated in treating brain tumors, malignant melanomas, and head and neck cancers. Going forward, we must work to expand applications for BNCT and increase its general use.

In addition, in terms of installing treatment facilities within hospitals, it is crucial that the neutron generating device be safe and compact. We have taken this opportunity to adopt a neutron generating device that is both safe and compact, devoting our full efforts to meeting the growing need for cancer treatment.

Hospital information

Hospital Name Jinseisya Edogawa Hospital
Address 2-24-18 Higashi-Koiwa, Edogawa-ku, Tokyo 133-0052
Contact Telephone +81-3-3673-1221


Please direct inquiries concerning BNCT to the following personnel: Kadode or Orikasa.

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