From macro pinpointing to micro pinpointing -Yukihiro Hama, Director, Department of Radiology, Edogawa Hospital 

With the aim of achieving the global objective of irradiating tumor focus with a high dose while minimizing the irradiation of normal tissues, we in our hospital introduced TomoTherapy®, an instrument dedicated to “pin-point” irradiation, and have performed intensity modulated radiation therapy (IMRT) and stereotactic radiotherapy (SRT) using this instrument. Since this instrument is equipped with a device for image-guided radiotherapy (IGRT), it allows us to accurately capture the tumor focus invisible from the body surface and thereby to perform tailor-made radiation therapy conforming to each tumor shape. 

However, pin-point irradiation at the molecular or cellular level was impossible with this instrument, although it did allow pin-point irradiation of macroscopically detectable tumors. In contrast, BNCT can target specific molecules and cells, thereby enabling pinpoint micro-radiation therapy. With pinpoint micro-radiation therapy, it is now possible to treat glioblastoma and Pancoast's tumor which have been intractable to treatment and also to re-irradiate tumors that have undergone conventional radiation therapy. Thus, BNCT is expected to be useful not only as radical radiation therapy but also as palliative radiation therapy. 

Compared with competitive products, BNCT device manufactured by BNCT international Co.,Ltd is small, light, less expensive, and safe so that it can be introduced comfortably by local hospitals with limited space, such as ours, providing a significant advantage also from business perspective. In addition, since the instrument basically consists of a linac (linear accelerator) with a liquid lithium target, it not only minimizes the risk of medical professionals’ exposure to radiation and contamination by radioactivity but also is environmentally- and neighborhood-friendly - an important factor in therapeutic activities. 

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